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Castellabate and the coast


Castellabate is a picturesque town in the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano in  the province of Salerno. It has always kept the Middle Ages features with an architecture made of linked houses that developed around the castle situated on the top of the mountain. This fortress is very important. It was started in 1123: it also gave the name to the town, from the Latin words Castrum Abbatis that is ‘the castle of the abbot’ that was then transformed into Castellabate.

The town is not situated on the coast, but Castellabate is famous as a sea town thanks to the hamlets of Santa Maria di Castellabate, San Marco di Castellabate and Ogliastro Marina, as well as Punta Licosa. Castellabate dominates the seaside from the top of the hill: on the hills there are olive trees. The coast is made of rocks and wide golden beaches. The crystalline sea between Punta Tresino and Punta Licosa received the blue flag from FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education).
The Pontifical Basilica "Santa Maria de Gulia" in Castellabate built in Romanic style is very interesting. It was built in XII century. Inside there is an interesting painting by Pavanino da Palermo, a great example of painting in Southern Italy in 1400.

Tourism is an important resource in Castellabate and there are many good facilities: hotels, agritourisms, flats, etc. During summer there are two interesting events: an exhibition dedicated to handcraft and a fair dedicated to books.

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Castellabate offers many resources to tourists: sea, beaches, nature, mild climate and it is not far from other interesting tourist towns: the archaeological sites of Paestum (19 km) and Velia-Elea (38 km). In Agropoli (12 km) there is the railway station. There are other beautiful places not far from Castellabate: Acciaroli (20 km), Casal Velino (37 km), Ascea Marina (38 km) , Pisciotta (51 km). Castellabate is 61 km from the caves of Palinuro and 78 km from Marina di Camerota.






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